Sitemap - 2020 - Touristy

"Business as Usual"

America's Coffee Culture takes a hit

Broadway to remain closed till May 2021 as it weathers the pandemic

Waiting for a vaccine in a world that can no longer wait.. But at what cost?

Sandwiches & Law

No USC Football this season but at least we can watch UCLA implode. 

Entering the Alcohol Business has been a Home Run for Celebrities.

The Ultimate Ivy League sees 20% deferment rate

The New Background Check for Big Business

A Beautiful Summer of Al Fresco dining.. but is it really?

The Devil wears Sweatpants

The Chocolate War 2020

This Tourist attraction was not cut out for the pandemic

"The Future is Female" But Is It..?

Was Covid-19 sponsored by Vegans? The final nail in the coffin for meat eaters

America's New First Family

The New Normal for Luxury Hotels

"Don't wear a mask!" said no one. Ever

If any of you have walked down the posh Fifth Avenue..

In Australia- KitKat isn't just a chocolate, It's an obsession. Welcome to the Land Down Under.

Introducing Zuckerbucks; In Algorithm, We Trust.

The Real Ivy Leagues- "Everyone knows that the only Real Ivies are the Holy Trinity".

Reporting from Nasa

This Fast-Fashion chain bets on e-commerce

Music x Black Lives Matter

Retail Therapy

The Rise of the Bento Box

Reporting from Outer Space

A Recent Quote from the Dalai Lama

Your Neighborhood Side Hustle

The Decade we finally woke up to Climate Change

Money Heist got nothing on the London Art Heist Gang.

What the f*** Harvard

America's New First Family

Authenticity is So Important.